Monday, July 13, 2009

Long Grumpy Weekend

Well, I only had time (and companionship) to scour two thrift stores this weekend, and I found nothing of interest. However, I discovered something about my moodiness while I laid about scowling this weekend.
I need, yes need, constant projects going to keep me happy. I need something to focus on, spend my energy on. I get such immense joy of creating something from nothing, or a re do.
Maybe that makes me an artist. I'd like to think so. It makes me happy.
I spent the entire weekend bored moping and grumpier than a bear fresh from hibernation. Until 9pm
Sunday night when I started a new project!!

I can't wait to show it off, so in the mean time I will share one of my other most fave completed projects, my craigslist china cabinet.

I paid 100$ for this pink pickled monstrosity. I love how simp
le it is.
Whew, look at those outside hinges!! Lucky for me I married a handy man and he knew he would be replacing them. I'm thinking the owners bought this at an unfinished wood shop and pickled it themselves back when that was popular? (The early 90's maybe?)
Still though, you can see the poten
tial here. I did.
I went through a lot with this piece, I had to sand it completel
y down at my in laws. In laws who were constantly watching over my shoulder, thinking their 20something daughter in law had no idea what she was doing refinishing furniture.
In truth, it was the first piece of furniture I've refinished. I had it my head I could do it, and I jumped in full force with my beloved hand sander.
I don't they sell the mega mouse anymore, or it's called the cyclone now, but this is the best hand sander!! It's so easy to use, the sandpaper is only 1.72$ for 5 sheets!! The is one the best gifts the husband has bought me, in fact I'm considering one as a wedding gift for a friend. ;)

Anyway, for two weeks, I sanded whenever I saw the in laws leave the house, hahaha. I love this stripper, it's not cheap but it works well, Minwax's Antique furniture re finisher.It's about 11$ a can at Home Depot, but it's worth it, It makes stripping a breeze. (no pole required)

Next came stain. I mixed up my own color in an attempt to match my dining room table. It came out pretty close. I prefer to use Minwax products, they always come out great.
It killed me to take so long on a project but it taught me some patience. I've since forgotten the lesson however.
It was worth it, sanding, stripping, and staining completed. New hinges, new hardware courtesy of the husband. Project complete.

I love it still. Amazing.
Ahem, now I believe Kim owes us some finished projects. Magazine rack re do, bedroom wall art....


  1. looks great! you did a wonderful job re-finishing it.

  2. WOW! That turned out great, you would never know it was ever pink!

  3. Beautiful!!! I love the that dark color, love love love it!

  4. It turned out absolutely gorgeous, and you must be so proud of your first refinished piece! I'm sure it's going to be the first of many, after this!
    I know what you mean about being happiest when you're working on a project. Makes me happy and I feel creative!

  5. Amazing is right! Wow. You did such an excellent job of refinishing. It's beautiful!

  6. Wow! My mom has a very similar piece from Ethan Allen. I would never guess that beautiful finish was possible. The hinges make such a difference too.

  7. Love your eye for a project! Good for you for picking a man with skills! Ha! Beautiful job on the cabinet.

  8. You did a great job - very nice.

  9. Wow! That's amazing! Beautiful dark finish. Great work. :)

  10. That is gorgeous!! what a great project you did. I would love it if you would add a link from your post back to my party, so that your readers can come over too & join the fun. Thanks so much for coming by today.

  11. That is beautiful! You did a wonderful job on it.

  12. You made that piece sing ! You did a fantastic job !!!
    Hugs ~ Kammy